Easy Rock Storage Idea

Want to store your expensive rocks and minerals, but spent most
of your money on the rocks themselves?

Then head to the nearest craft or fishing store and pick this box up. If you are wondering what kind of box it is, I'll share this money saving secret with you. A plain embroidery thread box, yep, that's right you can also use beads,and or bait and tackle boxes. But the best part is they rarely go above two or three dollars, there are some nicer ones and like most of these sorta things they, of course, cost more. The cheaper ones work just as well, so it's up to you which ones to buy.

I will give you some collector-to-collector advice. If you have trouble rembering what is in what box, or if you happen to forget what a certain specimen is ( Most quartzes look alike, and we're only human) why not put a small piece of paper with a name or any other information you desire in with the rock. Another good idea is to have a number in with your rock and then have a notebook or something of the sorts with all the info on that rock. This is the method I use because if looking for a certain specimen it can get frustrating opening all the boxes till you come to the one you want. But with a book you just look it up and go "ah, the emerald point from brazil is number twelve in box two." Thus ridding yourself of having to look through twenty or so boxes that you may have or might have in the future.


Write me, Jessy, if you have any other clever or unique storage ideas for your rock and mineral collections!






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