Field Trip Photo Journal

Greater Detroit Gem & Mineral Show
Fall 2006

In October I went to the Greater Detroit Gem, Mineral,
Fossil, & Jewelry show with my Dad and had a lot of fun. There were so
many new stuff that I've never seen, and I spent my all the money
I was given on some cool new specimens for my collection.
All and all I had a great time.


Here is the sign. Not much to say about it.


This is the exhibit from Cranbrook Institute of Science,
one of my favorite places to visit.


Various Michigan Minerals are featured in this exhibit.


Here is an another nice exhibit with some pretty minerals.


An exhibit about South American minerals.


You can't have a rock show in Michigan without a copper exhibit.


Here are some nice fluorite specimens.


These amber carvings were very nice.


Here is a close up of the amber horse carving, that I took for my Mom.


These paintings were so cool, I couldn't believe how realistic they were.


Another nice mineral painting .


I think this one is pyrite .


DIAMONDS lots and lots of diamonds, Herkimer diamonds that is.


A close up of some of the Herkimers .


A big pile of Herkimers, and some really big ones on the sides.



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